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Press Release 11.02.2014

EUserv rolls out "Pro64 v5" servers with 1 TB SSDs for business clients to the hosting market

EUserv rolls out "Pro64 v5" servers with 1 TB SSDs for business clients to the hosting market

Hermsdorf, 2014/02/11

The German web hosting provider EUserv (www.euserv.com) releases its new "Pro64" server series. The fifth generation of the "Pro64" servers has been especially designed for business clients and applications. Every server comes with Hardware RAID. Beside traditional hard disks SSDs are also deployed.

Dedicated servers with Hardware RAID and 2 x 1TB SSDs
The models "Pro64 M" and "Pro64 SSD" come with Intel Xeon E5 1650v2 hexacore CPUs, 64GB of DDR3 ECC RAM and 2 x 2TB hard disks (resp. 2 x 1TB SSDs), making them suitable especially for larger projects in server virtualization. The "Pro64 L" is even equipped with 128 GB of RAM. All servers are connected with a 1Gbit network link. Additionally, each server features 30 IPv4 addresses and 500 GB of external backup storage.

Included features and expansion capabilities
Standard features for all "Pro64" servers include 24x7 access to the rescue-, webreset- and reinstall systems as well as creating reverseDNS entries. Also, IPv6 connectivity is given (dedicated IPv6 address and /64 subnet). Available operating systems for automatic installation include all common Linux distributions, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Windows Server 2008 to 2012R2. All servers of the "Pro64" series provide several expansion capabilities. These options are ranging from dedicated VLANs, IP nets and KVM over IP to cross connections between two servers. Last but not least, the servers can be upgraded with additional USB storage media.

The monthly rental fees are starting from 119,95 EUR (excluding setup fees).

About EUserv
EUserv is a business unit of the Internet Service Provider ISPpro Internet and represents a rapidly growing brand of webhosting, domain registration and dedicated servers. ISPpro Internet KG has its own data centers as well as its own European-wide area network and is a member of DENIC, eco, RIPE, NIC.AT and RA Italiana. Since 1998 the company serves over 70,000 customers.

For more information visit http://www.euserv.com/en/dedicated-server


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