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USB Flashdrive for dedicated Servers

Add up to 4 USB sticks to your server.

USB harddrive / USB flashdrive for dediacted serversIn addition to the USB hard drives as additional storage media EUserv offers the possibility of adding a root server by external USB Flash Drives (USB memory sticks) for each server customers. EUserv includes the USB stick to the available USB ports on the motherboard to the hosted with us root server of the customer.


What are the USB Flash Drives?

When the USB flash drives are two different types of USB flash drives:

  • Standard:
    standard USB flash drives for reading / writing data outside the server's hard drives

  • Crypto:
    USB flash drives with hardware encryption for secure data storage outside the server hard drives

The USB flash drives are connected to the available USB ports on the motherboard. Usually 2 or 4 USB ports are available, so are up to 2 or 4 USB flash drives per server connected (Assuming the USB ports are not otherwise occupied, eg by USB-HDD). The connection is made via the fast USB 2.0 bus. (USB 3.0 bus if supported by mainboard)

For increased security of data EUserv version offers the "crypto" to. Here, directly on the USB stick from the hardware encryption is performed (usually 256bit AES Hardware-Based Encryption). Please note that USB flash drives, the data rate (read / write) are significantly lower with hardware encryption by the encryption and decryption partially as in commercially available USB storage devices.


What advantages do you have as a server operator?


By connecting USB flash drives data can be stored outside the server hard disks on a fixed storage medium. This is for example for configuration data from a clean stall, SSH keys or sensitive data that should never be stored unencrypted sensible.

Due to the relocation option data can still be moved from an old server to a new server terminated with a USB stick.

  • Security
    Secure sensitive data on an external non-volatile storage medium with no moving parts.

  • Moving option
    outsourcing of relocation data or configuration files on the memory stick for taking along on another server in the data center (thus no longer necessary network Copy)


What's on USB flash drives to consider?

  • A maximum of 4 USB flash drives are installed per server.
  • If there are fewer free USB ports on the server, the free usable USB ports USB Flash drives can only be installed to the maximum number.
  • The server must be restarted to activate the USB 2.0/USB 3.0 support in BIOS. The server must support USB 2.0/USB 3.0 and USB external storage.
  • A USB stick can move within the data center costs to a new server derselbem customer number in the same data center as soon as the end of the term of the old server is reached. (Maximum 14 days before shutdown the old server, multiple removals between 2 servers are excluded.)
  • Once ordered, the USB flash drive must be connected for the entire duration of the server and can no longer be canceled. (Except for moving the hard disk in the computer center at the end of the term of the old server)


How to order a USB Flash Drive?

  • You already have a dedicated rootserver at EUserv:
    Check if you have booked a server plan with possibility of "Professional Option". If so, activated the "Professional Option" in customer panel, choose the desired USB flashdrive and finish the order.

  • You do not have a dedicated rootserver at EUserv:
    Please order only one root server at EUserv that contains the option "USB flashdrive" in the server plan or book in addition to "professional option" and set it on. Only after activating the server, you can then order a USB flashdrive.


What fees apply for USB flashdrives?

Service Additional Information Monthly cost Setup cost Order
external USB flashdrive 8GB USB flashdrive 8GB to connect to USB port of a dedicated server EUR EUR order now
external USB flashdrive 64GB USB flashdrive 64GB to connect to USB port of a dedicated server EUR EUR order now
external USB flashdrive 128GB USB flashdrive 128GB to connect to USB port of a dedicated server EUR EUR order now
external USB flashdrive 256GB USB flashdrive 256GB to connect to USB port of a dedicated server EUR EUR order now
external USB flashdrive 8GB crypto USB flashdrive with hardware encryption 8GB to connect to USB port of a dedicated server EUR EUR order now
move move USB-Flashdrive to other server at the end of old server contract inside same datacenter   29,90 EUR via support only

If desired, a defective USB Flash Drive can the customer to exchange for a fee of once 238, - EUR sent and bought it (eg for data recovery).

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