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Payment Types

Overview of accepted payment types at EUserv.

How to pay at EUserv

EUserv's headquarter is located in Germany, European Union. EUserv accepts following payment types. Please note that some payment types may be not available in all countries.

Any customer has to prepay each new order in our secured customer panel via

  • bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card

After we received the payment, we will process the order. Payments via bank transfer will be processed after aprox. 4-5 working days. PayPal / Credit Card payments will be processed within a few minutes.

Auto-Renewing contracts are invoiced on 1st of each new period. Following payment types are available for this invoices:

  • via SEPA Direct Debit (EU bank accounts only):
    Please save your bank account data in customer panel and every new invoice will be paid from this bank account automatically. If you do not live inside EU but you have a bank account at a EU bank you cannot use direct debit due to fraud prevention.

  • via SEPA credit transfer:
    Pay your invoice with SEPA credit transfer from inside EU within 3-4 days. SEPA account data are visible at every invoice.

  • Worldwide via Euro bank transfer (international, outside EU):
    Pay your invoice with Euro bank transfer from outside EU within 10 days. SEPA account data are visible at every invoice. Note: Additional fees may apply.

  • Worldwide via Prepayment:
    Make your payment when you want what you want with our PrePayment account. You can pay as high as you want and fill up your account. If there is any invoice to pay, our system will reduce amount from your prepayment.

  • Worldwide via Paypal:
    Make live payments via PayPal account or credit card payments via PayPal.

  • Worldwide via Credit Card:
    Make live payments via credit card (payments are processed via PayPal credit card processing)
    PayPal Payments


*)**)***) All prices are included VAT depending on selected country, price tags are per month if not displayed different, additional one time setup fee may apply starting at 0,- EUR. Please watch full description, details and pricing of service. Contract term depends on ordered service from one month. Our terms and conditions obtain for every placed order. Technical data are subject to change. Errors excepted. Productnames, logos and trademarks reside in owner although if not separate marked.

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