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CBCI Betatest

Free test and development of virtualized Server

CBCI BetatestThe CBCI beta test program allows the free testing and development of the functions of a container based virtualized server.

The program is based on a container-based computing instance ("server") with root access based on a shared Linux kernel and a standard IPv6 protocol stack ("IPv6 only").

Support, feature requests or further development suggestions becomes discussed with development team in EUserv's Forum.

Techncal Basis-Paramenter of a CBCI Computing-Instance


Prozessor (vCPU)   x86
Frequency   1 Core @ 1 GHz
Virtualization Engine   Linux Container
Architecture   64Bit
RAM   1 GB
Harddisk   10 GB
Traffic   1000 GB


Operating Systems

  • All Linux operating systems starting with version 2 can be used. Exceptions are OS, that do virtualization for themselves. Show list
  • Windows, BSD or other OS are not supported.
  • Mounting ISO files is not supported.


Rules for Participation in the CBCI Beta Test Program

  • To participate, an invitation code is required. (Please ask for an invitation code in public partner forums or already participating users.)
  • Up to three CBCI beta test instances are allowed per user account.
  • Unused instances become stopped during inactivity and then deleted.
  • Abusive server instances become deleted.


For your Safety

  • There are no costs for using the base server instance for the entire duration of the beta test program.
  • The server instance can be deleted at any time and the participation terminated.
  • At the end of the CBCI beta test program, everything can be deleted without further obligations or costs.


How long can I test the Server Instance?

The CBCI beta test is designed indefinitely. Since 10/2019 runs the CBCI Test Phase II (we inform via mailing list).

What does EUserv expect from all testers?

EUserv expects suggestions, praise, criticism, suggestions for improvements from all testers, which contribute to the improvement of the CBCI Server instances at EUserv. All support questions and feedback must be introduced and discussed in the EUserv Forum. Every participant in the test program must actively participate in the forum.

Support and Help

Participants with a free CBCI Server instance will not receive support via email or phone. All support requests must be submitted to the EUserv Forum. (Community support)





remote Rescue-System 24x7 SSH access without booting from harddisk yes
Remote Reboot reboot server 24x7 via customer control panel yes
Free Reinstall reinstall server 24x7 via customer control panel yes
Free OS-Change change operating system via customer control panel yes
Reverse DNS personalize Reverse DNS-entries of IP-addresses yes
IPv6-Addresses free of charge 1


Operating Systems

Linux Linux based OS starting with OS-name suffix "v2/3/4" free*
    show all selectable OS
*) Additional licences may needed for full usage depending on selected OS or Admin-Panel.


Help + Support

Community support free forum membership yes
Documentation via EUserv wiki yes
FAQ via EUserv FAQ system yes
24x7 Email support Queue based Ticket System -
Phone support Support via English and German speaking inhouse staff during business hours -


Contract + Termination

Contract Term* possible contract terms 1 month
Contract renewal type type of contract renewal: automatic or manual manual
Payment Term* prepayment period -
Termination notice* min. time to cancel contract before automatic renewal 1 month
*) Terms may vary for specials or promotional offers. ¹) Average delivery time after payment and account confirmation. Average delivery time for already activated accounts is <8h.


Price & Order

Delivery time


*)**)***) All prices are included VAT depending on selected country, price tags are per month if not displayed different, additional one time setup fee may apply starting at 0,- EUR. Please watch full description, details and pricing of service. Contract term depends on ordered service from one month. Our terms and conditions obtain for every placed order. Technical data are subject to change. Errors excepted. Productnames, logos and trademarks reside in owner although if not separate marked.

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