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Mail Plans Overview

Make your communication via email flexible with many convenient email features. Use your personal email addresses with your own domain worldwide. The mail tariffs offer email addresses and forwards, email - mailboxes with spam and virus protection or even webmail access.

The MailDomains are ideal for users who want to secure their individual email address with mailbox and also want to send mails. Teams can also communicate with each other professionally and encrypted.

MailDomain Home


Choose your MailDomain Plan:

MailDomain Home - Plan

Mail & Communication: for private individuals, families and the self-employed

  • Service Type: Domain registration, email addresses and email mailboxes
  • full domain included
  • Send and receive emails under your own domain
  • Spam and virus protection
  • 300 email addresses / aliases
  • 10 mailboxes POP3 / IMAP
  • 10 GB of mail storage
  • Encryption for mail access and mailing
  • Worldwide webmail access
  • Free upgrade too Webspace for your homepage
Domain Pro v3 - Plan

Domain Registration:
enhanced domain feature set

  • Type: domain registration
  • Extended DNS features for editing your domain-zone
  • Domain redirect features
  • Email address features
  • Wildcard domain redirect
  • Email forwarding
  • Free backup MX
  • Free domain transfer service
  • Free upgrade to webhosting for your homepage

Standard features included in all mail plans:

  • multiple Email accounts with spam and virus protection
  • muiltiple Email aliases with own domainname (i.e. order@yourdomain.xy, billing@yourdomain.xy)
  • secure mail retrieval and delivery
  • IMAP4 and POP3 – Protocol
  • complete DNS administration for domainname
  • traffic-flatrate, no addidtional traffic costs
  • Domain-forwarding via framedirect, headerdirect and wildcard entries are possible
  • multifunctional webmail interface for mail retrieval/sending and delivery and your contacts

Reseller API
DomainBulk Service
Backup Harddisk / Online-Storage
Free Domain Transfer
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