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Domain Pro v3

Fast and affordable Domain Registration Services with

extended Email, DNS and Redirect Administration Features

Domain Pro v3

Domain Search and RegistrationThe Plan "Domain Pro v3" is ideal for professionals who want to secure their personal Internet domain and have extended demands on their functionality. With the graphical DNS administration, you can alternatively switch the domain directly to a fixed official server IP or operate your own mail server (MX).

The most important features at a glance:
  • Nameserver administration via web frontend with unlimited entries in the domain zone free
  • web forwarding to existing homepage
  • E-mail addresses and their forwarding including wildcard
  • Domain email can be routed to your own mail server (via MX record)
  • Set your own name server (DNS) possible

Watch out! Domain plans do not include space for mailboxes or web pages. If you need an email address for the domain with mailboxes, please order a MailDomain plan. If you want to host mailboxes and websites, you will need a webspace plan.

Detail Features Domain Pro v3 - Plan

General Features

Domain Name domain in contract included yes
Customer becomes domain name holder AdminC, OwnerC (Holder) yes
Domain Name fees included all fees for domain name registration included yes
DNS-Server nameserver services for full domain connectivity included yes
Online configuration web based configuration panel (customer panel) yes
Changing domain holder fee for later change of domain name holder free
IPv4-Support support for IPv4 protocol yes
IPv6-Support support for IPv6 protocol yes


Domain Features

Domain redirects max. redirects for your subdomains to external URL's 200 or DNS
Real Time changes activation / changes of redirects in real time yes
Redirect with Frameset hide your redirect inside a frameset yes
Redirect with Header/HTTP incl. setting HTTP status-codes (301, 302, 307) yes
Wildcard-Redirect reach your domain name without any subdomain yes


Nameserver / DNS - Services

own individual Nameserver records Nameserver access / Entries into domain-zone: all supported record types unlimited
Wildcard entries A/AAAA records without hostname yes
Dynamic DNS "DynDNS"-service to connect devices with dynamic assigned IP-addresses (i.e. homeserver, mobile devices) yes
Own Nameserver Connect domain to your own (external) nameserver yes


Email Features

Email accounts individual configured email accounts MailDomain Plan needed
Email storage configure parts of email storage to each account as you need or just the whole storage to one account MailDomain Plan needed
Email addresses email aliases with own domainname 200 or MX
Catch-All-Email wildcard email yes
Email redirect to external addresses 200 or MX
Spam protection server side filtering to reduce spam-emails in your accounts MailDomain Plan needed
Virus protection server side filtering to reduce virus-emails in your accounts MailDomain Plan needed
IMAP4-Server access your email accounts via IMAP4 protocol MailDomain Plan needed
Email directories support for server side email directories to manage your emails via IMAP4 MailDomain Plan needed
POP3-Server access your email accounts via POP3 protocol MailDomain Plan needed
SMTP-Server smtp.<yourdomain>.xy MailDomain Plan needed
SMTP-authentication   MailDomain Plan needed
Secured email access / send SMTP/IMAP via SSL/TLS MailDomain Plan needed
Mailsize restrictions mailsize for receiving / sending mails up to remaining email-storage MailDomain Plan needed
Webmail access multifunctional webmailer with access to emails and contacts MailDomain Plan needed


Statistics and Bandwidth

Monthly included bandwidth "Flatrate" unlimited
Traffic costs   no additional costs


Additional Features

XML-API* Administration via XML-API interface for programming of your own application / panel yes
Free domain transfer no additional charge for domain transfers yes
Free hosting upgrade free upgrade to a higher hosting plan via customer panel yes
*) depends on availability of a specific function, some functions may implemented later. Please ask sales if you need a special function.


Help + Support

Community support free forum membership yes
Documentation via EUserv wiki yes
FAQ via EUserv FAQ system yes
24x7 Email support Queue based Ticket System yes
Phone support Support via English and German speaking inhouse staff during business hours Hosting Plan needed


Service Level + Guarantee

Stability of prices always the same price for a running contract yes
Reliability guarantee no ads or other restrictions yes
Server backend high avability multicore Linux server cluster yes
Data backup daily backup of storage data yes
Network SLA minimum network avability 99% p.a.
Service SLA minimum avability of frontend and backend services 99% p.a.
IPv6 connectivity DNS servers are native reachable via IPv6 yes


Contract and Termination

Contract Term possible contract terms, depends on TLD 12 month or 24 month
Contract renewal type type of contract renewal: automatic or manual automatic
Payment Term prepayment period 12 month or 24 month
Termination notice min. time to cancel contract before automatic renewal 3 month


Registration fees

Domain Pro v3
.academy12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.ag12 months14.24 EUR8.33 EUR
.agency12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.at/ .co.at/ .or.at12 months2.10 EUR8.33 EUR
.bargains12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.be12 months1.06 EUR8.33 EUR
.beer12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.berlin12 months6.54 EUR8.33 EUR
.best12 months3.60 EUR8.33 EUR
.bid12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.bike12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.biz12 months2.87 EUR8.92 EUR
.boutique12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.builders12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.buzz12 months5.40 EUR8.33 EUR
.cab12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.camera12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.camp12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.careers12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.cc12 months1.70 EUR8.33 EUR
.center12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.ch12 months2.04 EUR8.33 EUR
.cheap12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.click12 months1.52 EUR8.33 EUR
.clothing12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.cloud12 months1.76 EUR9.52 EUR
.club12 months1.94 EUR8.33 EUR
.co12 months4.58 EUR8.33 EUR
.co.nz/ .nz12 months3.77 EUR8.33 EUR
.co.uk/ .me.uk/ .org.uk/ .uk24 months2.01 EUR8.33 EUR
.co.za/ .net.za/ .org.za/ .web.za12 months1.58 EUR8.33 EUR
.codes12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.coffee12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.com12 months2.24 EUR8.92 EUR
.company12 months1.10 EUR8.33 EUR
.computer12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.construction12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.contractors12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.cool12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.cz12 months2.54 EUR8.33 EUR
.de12 months1.06 EUR8.92 EUR
.diamonds12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.directory12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.dk12 months1.59 EUR8.33 EUR
.domains12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.education12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.email12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.enterprises12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.equipment12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.es12 months1.06 EUR8.33 EUR
.estate12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.eu12 months1.13 EUR8.33 EUR
.expert12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.farm12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.fr12 months1.63 EUR8.33 EUR
.gallery12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.glass12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.gold12 months14.08 EUR8.33 EUR
.graphics12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.guru12 months5.30 EUR8.33 EUR
.help12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.holdings12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.holiday12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.house12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.icu12 months1.18 EUR9.52 EUR
.immobilien12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.info12 months2.54 EUR8.92 EUR
.institute12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.international12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.it12 months1.06 EUR8.33 EUR
.jetzt12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.jobs12 months20.30 EUR8.33 EUR
.kaufen12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.kitchen12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.kiwi12 months4.75 EUR8.33 EUR
.land12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.li12 months2.04 EUR8.33 EUR
.lighting12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.limo12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.link12 months1.52 EUR8.33 EUR
.loan12 months0.56 EUR9.52 EUR
.love12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.lu12 months3.40 EUR8.33 EUR
.management12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.marketing12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.me12 months1.88 EUR8.33 EUR
.menu12 months5.40 EUR8.33 EUR
.mobi12 months2.88 EUR8.33 EUR
.name12 months2.24 EUR8.92 EUR
.net12 months2.31 EUR8.92 EUR
.news12 months3.27 EUR8.33 EUR
.ninja12 months2.62 EUR8.33 EUR
.nl12 months1.96 EUR8.33 EUR
.one12 months5.66 EUR8.33 EUR
.online12 months5.83 EUR9.52 EUR
.org12 months2.31 EUR8.92 EUR
.party12 months4.86 EUR8.33 EUR
.photography12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.photos12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.pics12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.pizza12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.pl12 months2.23 EUR8.33 EUR
.plumbing12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.recipes12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.repair12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.rocks12 months1.73 EUR8.33 EUR
.ruhr12 months4.01 EUR8.33 EUR
.run12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.science12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.se12 months3.43 EUR8.33 EUR
.services12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.sexy12 months5.40 EUR8.33 EUR
.shop12 months4.94 EUR9.52 EUR
.singles12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.site12 months4.77 EUR9.52 EUR
.soccer12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.solar12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.solutions12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.space12 months3.27 EUR8.33 EUR
.support12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.systems12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.tattoo12 months6.55 EUR8.33 EUR
.team12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.tech12 months7.53 EUR8.33 EUR
.technology12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.tienda12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.tips12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.today12 months2.95 EUR8.33 EUR
.top12 months1.21 EUR8.33 EUR
.training12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.tv12 months5.40 EUR8.33 EUR
.tw12 months3.27 EUR8.33 EUR
.uno12 months2.16 EUR8.33 EUR
.us12 months1.21 EUR8.33 EUR
.ventures12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.viajes12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.vip12 months2.82 EUR9.52 EUR
.voyage12 months7.20 EUR8.33 EUR
.watch12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.website12 months3.27 EUR8.33 EUR
.wien12 months4.61 EUR8.33 EUR
.wiki12 months4.50 EUR8.33 EUR
.win12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.works12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR
.xyz12 months1.73 EUR8.33 EUR
.zone12 months4.42 EUR8.33 EUR

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