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Cross-Connect service for dedicated Servers

Connect two dedicated servers via physical cross-connect cord.

cross-connect service for dediacted serversSpecial server configurations require a direct physical connection between two servers. This connection can be created with the EUserv cross-connect patch cables.

What is Cross-Connect service?

Through the cross-connect patch cord EUserv a direct physical connection is made through a standard network cable between the secondary network cards EUserv two servers in the data center. There are between the two servers so that no active components (eg switch or router) that can fail. The connection is direct, that is to say the full bandwidth of the network connection (1Gbps or 10Gbps) is available.

What advantages do you have as a server operator?


  • Filesystem synchronization
    With the EUserv cross-connect patch cord can for example conducted a permantenter sync between the two servers and file systems can be ensured. So-called "split brain" - for example environments be minimized through this failed network components.

  • High Availability
    Another application is the construction of a private heartbeat system which allows hot standby environment monitoring the availability of services of the second server and the appropriate switching.

  • Database cluster
    Similar to the above described file system synchronization is the possibility of reflection of live database held, and thus the implementation of a distributed database cluster through a direct and latency minimized connection.

What's with Cross-Connect service to consider?

  • a booked "Professional Option" on both servers
  • option, the cross-connect patch cord to book (eg in the Pro64 Series)
  • the presence of a second and unused NIC in both servers

How to order Cross-Connect service between two servers?

  • You already have two dedicated servers at EUserv:
    Check that you have booked for each server included in the contract "Professional Option" and the possibility of booking the cross-connect service. If so, order the cross-connect services below.

  • You do not have a root server at EUserv:
    Please order min. of two dedicated servers at EUserv that contains the "Professional Option" and the "cross-connect service" - Option in the server plan (i.e. "Pro64" server series min v5). Only after activating theses servers, you can then order the cross-connect service.

What fees apply for Cross-Connect service?

Service Additional Information Monthly cost Setup cost Order
Cross-Connect cabling direct connection between two dedicated servers via cross-connect patch cord EUR EUR order now

Contract-Term, Termination and Billing

  • Contract Period: 12 months
  • Notice period: 3 months
  • Billing: each 12 months in advance

Delivery time

  • 5-7 working days after receipt of order and initial payment

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