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KVM over IP for dedicated Servers

Add a physical KVM-over-IP device to your server.

KVM over IP for dediacted serversFor better administration and configuration of a root server, it can through the optional "KVM over IP" - option to be extended. EUserv close to a "KVM over IP" - to device directly to the keyboard, mouse, and VGA port on your server hosted at EUserv.

What is KVM over IP unit?

With the "KVM over IP" option have root server administrators even in the absence SSH connection, incorrect firewall configuration or network card not been started full access to the keyboard, mouse, and the video output of the server. The system operates regardless of the operating system, ie Linux, Windows, BSD, or other operating systems are then as manageable as if you as a user have direct keyboard / mouse / monitor access to the server.

It is for the optional KVM functionality for root server, the "Dominion KX II-101" from RARITAN to use. The functions of this unit can be viewed on the website of the manufacturer: www.raritan.de

For servers with onboard KVM (model series concerns with Supermicro Mainboards, most servers of Pro64-Series since 2012, please ask support) the KVM / IPMI functions of the built-in servers Supermicro - server motherboards is used.

What advantages do you have as a server operator?

  • Operating system independence
    You can install your own operating system or exotic about KVM and are no longer dependent on the operating system of choice EUserv:
    - Mount ISO-File from EUserv Mirror Server
    - Mount your own uploaded ISO-File via FTP-Backup-Space of your contract (if supported by your plan)

  • Troubleshooting without network
    Occurs when you boot your server error or the server is unreachable for unknown reasons, you can access without a network connection to the server using the IP address of the KVM device to your server as if you were sitting right in front of it.

  • View all error outputs and the complete boot process
    Boot with the help of KVM feature and you will find so flawed or non-booting processes with the local error outputs. Debug with your KVM boot process or change system-critical parameters.

  • Flexible booking options change depending on usage;
    EUserv provides for different types of users:
    - the "permanent user", who always wants to use KVM and permanently
    - the "adhoc user" and "week" - KVM for troubleshooting, install or customization

What to consider for connection of KVM unit?

  • each server can be up to a KVM device can be connected
  • the server must have already booked a Pro Option
  • when connecting the server must be restarted once the technician

How to order a KVM over IP unit?

  • You already have a root server at EUserv:
    By clicking on the "Order" button is added to the cart to order the KVM option. Do you have multiple root servers at EUserv, you must assign a root server agreement by ordering the KVM option in the Customer Center. Please note that the affected root server to the "professional option" must be booked. (Servers without the possibility of per-option can not use KVM.)

    Before a device is provided, setup must have already been paid by us. The delivery time is up to 14 working days for servers with onboard KVM (Supermicro) between 24-48h, on all other servers, depending on the availability of the Raritan devices.

    KVM type "adhoc user" and "week":
    For these types it may that no professional option is required. Please ask support. Please order this KVM option at least 48 hours before use via our support request and specify the desired start and end times of use. Release dates except on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

  • You do not have a root server at EUserv:
    Please order only one root server at EUserv and set it on. Only after activating the server, you can then order the KVM option.

What fees apply for KVM option?

Service Additional Information Monthly cost Setup cost Order
KVM "Permanent-User" permanent to server connected KVM, cancellation with server contract only EUR EUR order now
KVM "Week" One week connected KVM, please pay attention to order instructions EUR EUR via support only
KVM "AdHoc-User" temporarily connected KVM, please pay attention to order instructions, minimum 10 hours required 5,- EUR per hour 49,- EUR via support only
Move Move of a KVM-device to a new server-contract after cancellation of the old server contract   29,90 EUR via support only


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