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Virtual KVM for dedicated Servers

Debugging and Configuring your dedicated server(s) via VNC

virtual KVMFor better administration and configuration of a root server, it can use the vKVM - used system. EUserv boot to the customer's server in a special vKVM mode so that it can be accessed even when not working network configuration for the installed system to the server.


What is the vKVM - system?


The vKVM Rescue System (Virtual Keyboard / Video / Mouse) is an extension of the existing Rescue system which loads a Linux system using PXE in the memory of your server. With the vKVM Rescue System starts a rescue system that is installed on your server operating system to boot in a virtual machine. The graphical output of the virtual machine is transmitted here via a SSL-secured VNC connection, so you have the opportunity to work on your operating system, "as if" you were sitting right in front of the server.

vKVM automatically detects your hard drive so you can boot into the BIOS vKVM it. Further, the CPU of the server is virtualized in VM. Furthermore, the VM emulates a network card, providing you with the ability to access the internet within the VM.

The vKVM Rescue System is ideal if your server eg for reasons of incorrect configuration of the network settings (eg iptables) as usual is no longer reachable via SSH. To start vKVM you have to do is log in to the Customer Center, select your server in the left menu and select the contract "Rescue system". Now select the entry "vKVM" and activate the rescue system. After some time vKVM is available and you can log in using VNC client.

Why vKVM?


The vKVM Rescue System is ideal if your server eg for reasons of incorrect configuration of the network settings or firewall (eg iptables) as usual is no longer reachable via SSH.

To correct an incorrect configuration of a system that lent itself so far our traditional rescue system. In a more complex scenario, but vKVM offers other key advantages:

  • They act almost directly in your operating system, ie They move in a familiar server environment and are ready to go
  • You can select the virtual machine BIOS to a bootable disk
  • Pursue them with the entire boot process, which can be extremely helpful for troubleshooting
  • By the Internet connectivity, you can update your entire system and eg Remedy any software conflicts
  • vKVM works even if your server is not pingable or reachable via SSH due to a bad network configuration
  • Thanks vKVM the troubleshooting and resolution designed comfortable, which reduces the need for re-installs, when seemingly "nothing works"
  • vKVM is a free feature that is available for selected server series.

How do I start vKVM?


To use vKVM on your server, you must select the Customer in the "Rescue system", the "vKVM" option and then reboot the server. After about 15-20 minutes the server in vKVM BIOS is accessible. Instructions on how to use, see the wiki: http://wiki.euserv.de/index.php/VKVM

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