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Press Release 21.09.2015

EUserv Internet takes care for its Virtual Private Servers

EUserv Internet takes care for its Virtual Private Servers

Hermsdorf/Thur, 2015/09/21

The server and hosting provider EUserv Internet (www.euserv.com) takes product improvents of its virtual server offers. The VPS for new and existing customers get free resource increases for storage and RAM.

Improved performance for existing customers
According to EUserv, thousands of existing customers are affected by the conducted extensions. All regular vServer plans have been extended with more RAM, harddisk space and backup storage.

Up to 8GB RAM and 400GB harddisk
In addition to the expansion of VPS resources with an upgrade up to 8GB RAM, harddisk storage has been extended with up to 400GB essentially and has therefore almost been doubled. Furthermore the backup storage space has been extended up to 100GB, which corresponds a tenfold increase, depending on the selected VPS plan.

Benefits for customers
"With this free increase of our VPS ressources EUserv now increases further time of uninterruptible operation of any customers virtual servers. Without any interaction of the customer all VPS now automatically copes better with the constantly growing amounts of data and performance requirements.", tells Ronny Boesger, EUserv's head of technical department. The extensions have already been automatically activated for all existing customers earlier this month. Of course new customers will also benefit from the provided extensions.

About VPS at EUserv
The current EUserv VPS plans are driven by Linux-based OpenVZ virtualization. Plans offer from single to dual core VPS with RAM from one up to eight gigabyte. All hardware and software of their hostsystems are managed by EUserv for highest reliability and availability. Hostsystems are connected with 1Gbit conntections to EUserv's backbone. Running VPS have 100Mbit connection with unmetered traffic flatrate free included.

About EUserv
EUserv is a business unit of the Internet Service Provider ISPpro Internet and represents a rapidly growing brand of webhosting, domain registration and dedicated servers. ISPpro Internt KG has its own data centers as well as its own European-wide area network and is a member of DENIC, eco, RIPE, NIC.AT and RA Italiana. Since 1998 the company serves over 60,000 customers.

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