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Press Release 27.10.2015

EUserv enables Failover-IP addresses for dedicated servers

EUserv enables Failover-IP addresses for dedicated servers

Hermsdorf/Thur, October, 27th 2015

With the new Failover-IP feature the hosting company EUserv Internet (www.euserv.com) provides its server customers to deploy multiple dedicated servers for load sharing and failover to optimize the availability of their services and websites. Failover-IP enables a fast change of IP addresses between two or more servers and thus the above processed services.


Possible application scenarios

In particular professional users with critical business applications benefit from the various potential use of this add-on.

With Failover-IP, virtual servers can be moved easily to another server and continue to operate without changing the IP address. Software updates or other maintenance of the host system can thus be performed without downtime of a virtual machine.

Also possible is the creation of one or more Hot-Standby servers or the load sharing of websites. The online relocation of various web services such as DNS, SMTP or HTTP as well as complete temporary server removals are possible without downtime. Possible default risks can be minimized by appropriate configurations.


Two or more servers

Failover-IP's are available as IPv4 addresses and can be used on all dedicated servers from EUserv whose plan supports the use of Failover-IP. The use of Failover-IP's on more than one server can be enabled via the optional Pro-Option provided by EUserv. The administration will be processed via the EUserv customer panel.

More information: http://go.euserv.org/9w


About EUserv

EUserv is a business unit of the Internet Service Provider ISPpro Internet and represents a rapidly growing brand of webhosting, domain registration and dedicated servers. ISPpro Internt KG has its own data centers as well as its own European-wide area network and is a member of DENIC, eco, RIPE, NIC.AT and RA Italiana. Since 1998 the company serves over 65,000 customers.


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