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Press Release 30.03.2016

Hosting Provider EUserv expands Datacenter in Jena

Hosting Provider EUserv expands Datacenter in Jena

Hermsdorf/Thur, March, 30th 2016

The Internet Service Provider Euserv Internet, located in Germany,Thuringia is going to start the expansion of its datacenter in Jena. At the moment the datacenter, opened in 2005, accommodates 2.000 server units in long-term usage. Due to the expansion of capacity, space for 4.000 additional server units will be created.


Planned investment of EUR 1.5 million until 2020

With the amplification of new technology areas in Jena, which adjact on the existing server sector, the company will strengthen it´s market position and expand existing datacenter capacity. “With the investment in our datacenter expansion we will diversify our business and establish conditions precedent to provide prosprective responsive and reliable services quickly and efficiently to our customers in compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs)”, EUserv CEO Dirk Seidel in relation to the forthcoming extension measures.


100% Eco-Power

The power supply of the datacenter in Jena has already been switched to 100% green electricity from hydropower. Furthermore, two new UPSs (uninterruptible power supply) and a new emergency diesel generator will ensure an uninterrupted power supply. Physical security is ensured by VDS3 certified safety technology, 24x7 camera surveillance and security agencies.


Commitment to the business location Thuringia

„With the expansion of our datacenter located in Jena, we clearly commit a promotion of the business location Thuringia. Through continuous capital investments in datacenter and network expansions as well as in a continuous development of a highly motivated team of regional engrained employees we can adapt the rapidly growing market quickly. Furthermore, we will fulfill a high level of vertical integrated services meeting the constantly growing demands of the IT branch - even far away from the IT strongholds such as Frankfurt/ Main.” EUserv CEO Dirk Seidel explains on site in the datacenter/ Jena.


Research Department in Hermsdorf

The company includes management, customer service and a small research department in Hermsdorf/ Thuringia. At the moment a new blade technology is designed for the datacenter in Jena, which makes the server smaller and thus allows a higher packing density in the server racks. "The Blades are an own in Thuringia developed insertion-technology for servers that dispensed conventional chassis and gives us the opportunity to offer cheaper server tuned to our datacenter" Seidel says.


Recruitment of new trainees

Following the expansion, two new training places in the range of "IT-Specialist" have been created. "We train the junior staff in any cases by ourself. The demands on trainees are very high, knowledge of Linux is preconditioned. In return we guarantee, even with correspondingly good degree, a hiring in the region." Seidel continued.


About EUserv:
EUserv is a business unit of the Internet Service Provider ISPpro Internet and represents a rapidly growing brand of webhosting, domain-registration and dedicated servers. ISPpro Internet has its own data centers as well as its own European-wide area network and is a member of DENIC, eco, RIPE, NIC.AT and RA Italiana. Since 1998 the company serves over 65,000 customers.


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