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Press Release 23.11.2018

Cyber-Weeks on EUserv Internet attract with extremely low prices for Hosting and VPS

Cyber-Weeks on EUserv Internet attract with extremely low prices for Hosting and VPS

Jena, November 23rd, 2018 - Just in time for today's BlackFriday, private and business customers can pack a punch and save money at the server and hosting provider EUserv Internet for a short time. During the "Cyber-Weeks", which will culminate this weekend, attractive promotions in the categories of virtualized private servers (VPS) and hosting offer a unique saving potential of several hundred euros.

Powerful webspace plan includes SSL support at a special price

As part of the "Cyber-Weeks" the webhosting plan "Active SSL Edition 2018" with 12-month contract period is offered with 2 domains and 10GB webspace including an "Let's Encrypt" SSL certificate. For a special price of 4.99 euros monthly, the customer's websites are automatically reachable by HTTP and HTTPS. Such encryption of communication between webserver and browser creates trust and ensures that websites are no longer marked as unsecure by popular browsers.

The plan is qualified for an all-in-one starter package for private or business customers, but due to the extensive features and the professional demands it is already suitable for resellers. Access will be available either via a secure FTP-Access (FTPS / TLS) or via a web-based FTP-Client. Most of the popular scripting languages are supported, and due to EUserv software installer, varied content management systems such as Typo3, Joomla or Wordpress can be installed with just one click.

Competitive prices for 1 year on virtualized servers

Who likes to become acquainted with scalability and efficiency of virtualized servers, should snatch EUserv's VPS-offers.

For only 10 Euro in the entire first year the virtualized Linux root servers of the "Basic" series are available during the "Cyber-Weeks". With a wide range of applications, solid resources and full administrator access, these VPS offer everything that also physical servers do, but making them ideal for cost-effective entry into server hosting. If additional resources are needed later, an upgrade of the virtualized hardware is possible at any time without reinstalling or reconfiguring the services.

In the "Pro" series, VPS with up to 6 vCores, 8GB RAM and 400GB harddisk capacity as well as Traffic Flatrate with unmetered bandwidth are available for only 20 EUR for the complete first year. These offers are suitable to run webhosting- or mailservers, or to simulate different hardware environments or operating systems. Also an usage as a game- or TeamSpeak-Server is supposable with this series.

A one-time extend of up to 612.60 EUR is possible by choosing the VPS "SSD" series. Fast SSDs ("Solid State Drives"), especially for increased I/O-load with extensive read- and write-operations, offer significant speed advantages in comparison to conventional harddisks.

Based on Intel® branded hardware and up to 32GB RAM, 480GB SSD storage capacity and additional 500GB of FTP-backupstorage, the use-cases of servers in this plan are diverse. For only 30 EUR for the entire first year, not only database servers but also VPN gateways, as well as audio or video streaming can be operated. With a standard 200Mbit network connection and a traffic flatrate, customers get full cost certainty, even with high data volumes.

All of the "Cyber-Weeks" offers are only available until November 30th, 2018 and only by selecting the 12-month contract period for new orders. Starting with the second year of the contract, the regular prices will apply to the VPS-offers. The webspace plan "Active SSL-Edition 2018" is permanently available at the special price.

Get all offers of "Cyber Weeks" here: http://go.euserv.org/MT


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