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News Release 15.02.2019

EUserv allows own nameservers for domains

EUserv allows own nameservers for domains

Jena, 15 February 2019: The hosting provider EUserv Internet looses its over many years restrictive policy and now allows a configuration of customer-specific nameservers (NS) for domain registration in certain domain plans.

Domain zone under own control

Due to the web-based customer panel, domain operators at EUserv have every opportunity to manage their domains individually. The new feature now also offers the possibility to use own or external nameservers. After setup, all DNS requests for a domain are completely directed to the set (customer) nameservers. The standard default setting of the EUserv nameservers is no longer used for domains configured with their own DNS resolvers.

This extension offers domain owners a high degree of flexibility. It is particularly interesting if the domain is registered at EUserv, but the connection of the domain and thus their accessibility should be independent of the default nameservers. Furthermore, with the connection of own nameservers the DNS requests can be distributed worldwide, so that thereby geographically distributed request / response mechanisms for the resolution will be possible.

Graphical configuration in EUserv customer panel

For configuring the nameserver settings, a new module is available in EUserv customer panel under the menu item "Nameserver" after selecting a domain contract supporting this feature. Here both the own nameservers can be deposited and changed as well as the appropriate defaults to the nameservers are restored. A technical base check of the new nameservers is required, to still guarantee the connectivity of the domain.

After setting your own nameserver in EUserv customer panel, the required entry is automatically synchronized with the registry responsible for the top-level domain, so that the DNS zone for the domain can be managed by the user himself as of registration.

Automation via API

In addition to the manual configuration of individual domains via customer panel, nameserver changes can also be automated or connected to customer-specific systems via an API interface Euserv offers.

With the official release of the feature a nearly two-year beta test ended successfully. Supported plans are exclusively pure Domain plans carrying the abbreviation "Pro" in the name. Existing customers receive the upgrade automatically and at no additional cost.

More information about domain registration at EUserv: http://go.euserv.org/O1


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