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News-Release 31.07.2019

New operating systems for dedicated servers at EUserv

New operating systems for dedicated servers at EUserv

Jena, 31/07/2019: The hosting provider EUserv Internet added new versions of popular Linux operating systems (OS) to its installation system for customers running dedicated servers. The new operating systems can thus be installed fully automatically as Raid1, 5 or 10 deployment via EUserv customer panel, the API or the EUserv Android App.

Debian 10 („Buster“)

As one of the oldest Linux distributions, Debian is very popular, considered very stable, supports a varied architecture and is therefore well suited as a server OS. The current Debian 10 "Buster" release receives five years of developer support, uses nftables to create firewall filtering rules and includes many updated software packages.

Ubuntu 19.04 („Disco Dingo“)

The most widely used Linux distribution Ubuntu is also available for installation at EUserv. Based on the Linux kernel 5.0, Ubuntu Server 19.04 also integrates the latest innovations in open key infrastructure projects such as OpenStack Stein, Kubernetes and Ceph.

Fedora 30

With a 6 month release cycle Fedora may be inappropriate as the operating system for long-term use or for business projects, but offers clear advantages for keen to experiment developers. One of the new features the current Fedora 30 release offers is an available collection of roles and modules to automate the configuration of subsystems.

Proxmox VE 6.0

The open source virtualization platform Proxmox VE is also available in the latest Version 6.0 and offers many new features, improvements and bug fixes to Linux enthusiasts in particular for operating virtual machines and containers on an open source basis.

Various Raid-Levels ready to use

These and many other operating systems are available as Minimal as well as RAID1, 5 and 10 installations for all EUserv server series for free. The automatic installation system also enables an efficient and fast deployment of any distribution.

A complete list of all operating systems for dedicated EUserv servers is available here: http://go.euserv.org/QO

About EUserv Internet

EUserv Internet (www.euserv.com) is a division of ISPpro Internet KG since 2005. It is active as a provider of dedicated and virtualized servers as well as in the field of classic webhosting and domain registration. The head office is situated in the technology region Jena / Thuringia. All the EUserv services are provided in own datacenters with an own European network.


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