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News-Release 05.09.2019

New Top-Level-Domains available in plan "Domain Parking"

New Top-Level-Domains available in plan "Domain Parking"

Jena, 05/09/2019: The server and hosting provider EUserv Internet (www.euserv.com) has extended the plan "Domain Parking" by three new Top-Level-Domains. Thus, domains under the country codes .at for Austria and .it for Italy, as well as .eu for the European Union can now be registered and parked in this favorable plan.

Starting at 39 cents per month, the "Domain Parking" plan includes ordinary domain registration and provision of DNS servers needed to connect to the domain. With this offer a basis for future activities can be set up, even if the specific purpose of the desired domain is not yet defined, it can be registered at an early stage with low costs. Later the domain might be ideally sold profitably or will be used to set up a website and mailboxes or to forward to existing websites after upgrading to a corresponding plan.

Just for a short time, all available Top-Level-Domains offered in plan "Domain Parking" are available without any setup! Get more information here: http://go.euserv.org/RC

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EUserv Internet (www.euserv.com) is a division of ISPpro Internet KG since 2005. It is active as a provider of dedicated and virtualized servers as well as in the field of classic webhosting and domain registration. The head office is situated in the technology region Jena / Thuringia. All the EUserv services are provided in own datacenters with an own European network.


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