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News-Release 01.11.2019

Fresh air with new functions for Domain Plans at EUserv

Fresh air with new functions for Domain Plans at EUserv

Jena, 11/01/2019:
The Webhosting company EUserv Internet (Germany) has done an upgrade of its domain management by introducing the new plan "Domain Pro v3" and offers several new features around registration and management of domain names for domain customers.

New features for graphical Domain Management

In addition to the administration of domain redirects and mail addresses with forwarding many new functions and extensions were introduced:

The introduction of a new name server structure increases the reliability and redundancy once more and now also allows additional DNS record types that can be added to customers domain zone.

Furthermore DNS domain management now also offers a search for single records. This feature is especially useful for domain zones containing many entries.

Likewise, an editing function was introduced for individual zone entries without having to edit the entire domain zone.

For customers desiring for complete self-control of DNS setting their own name servers is still available. To benefit of more additional professional features, like using a zone TTL of 0, an activation of the so-called "expert functions" is possible, too.

More Top Level Domains

The new version of the domain management interface enables faster deployments of new Top Level Domains by the provider. In this context, customers can expect several New Top Level Domains (nTLD's) as well as country-specific domains (ccTLD's) in the next few months, which are not yet on offer.

All information about plan "Domain Pro v3" and the available domains can be found here: http://go.euserv.org/Tk


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