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Windows Server 2008 for dedicated Servers

Rent licences of Windows Server 2008 for you dedicated server

Windows Server 2008 licences for serversIf you operate in EUserv a root server, you can install the operating system is Microsoft Windows Server 2008. All available versions of this operating system, see the operating system list.

Licenses to operate, which are provided for Server Hosting - on rented servers exclusively Windows server can not. EUserv provides a hosting provider provides the necessary licenses.

What is a Windows Server 2008 - subscription license?


With a rental license is a monthly rent that is payable to the manufacturer Microsoft. EUserv, the operating system pre-installed, including license key using the server installation in the customer ready and expects the rent monthly from.


What advantages do you have as a server operator?

  • No software purchase required
    With a rental license you no longer need to buy the software. You pay only for the use of the software.

  • Cancel anytime
    The rental license, you can at any time in which you install another operating system on your server. So you are very flexible, for example if you want to make your server for other purposes, in the example, you need more operating system - not Windows Server 2008.

  • Upgradeable
    Depending on the license of the manufacturer at no additional cost you can upgrade to a new version of the software used or upload service patches.


What's renting of Windows Server 2008 licenses consider?

  • License fees are automatically covered as soon as a Windows Server 2008 - version is installed on the root server hosted at EUserv.

  • Depending of developed physical CPU (not per core) will be a license fee.
    - 1x Quad-Core - CPU in a server = 1x license fee
    - 2x dual core - CPU in a server = 2x license fee
    The rental licenses are available only on servers at EUserv.

  • Own operating system licenses (eg bought themselves, student licenses, etc.) are usable without support on leased hardware.

  • The license fees are billed monthly for the current month. There are no refunds (eg, if a few days another OS is installed.)


How to order Windows Server 2008?

  • You already have a root server at EUserv:
    Please install the required Windows Server 2008 via the menu option "Reinstall" in the customer control panel.

  • You do not have a root server at EUserv:
    Please order only one root server at EUserv and select the first initialization in the customer your desired Windows Server 2008 - as the operating system.


What licencing costs apply for Windows Server 2008 versions?

Licence Additional Information Monthly cost Setup cost Order
Server 2008 Standard R2 64 Bit (max. 32 GB RAM) EUR EUR not longer available
Server 2008 Enterprise R2 64 Bit (max. 2 TB RAM) EUR EUR not longer available
Server 2008 Datacenter R2 64 Bit (max. 2 TB RAM) EUR EUR not longer available
Webserver 2008 R2 64 Bit (max. 32 GB RAM) EUR EUR not longer available

Further technical details can be found among others at Microsoft on Wikipedia. Windows Server 2008 for 32-bit systems is not available (anymore).

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